Sunday, May 31, 2009


Hello all:)
James and I went out to lunch with one of my prenatal yoga instructors and her new baby, and she stated that she thought of newborns as little plants... because all they really need is to be preened and "watered" and then they grow. While I have found James to be significantly more work and more fun than your standard Chia pet, I anxiously await the day when he starts showing off a little more of his (so far delightful and easy-going!) personality. He has started making little cooing noises in the last week or so, which is incredibly endearing. He also survived his first vacation and his first major round of pass-the-baby at an Ironwood gathering of Nana Bets' friends. Round 2 will take place beginning next Thursday when my parents pick James and I up in Madison to go to my cousin's graduation in Elkhart, IN. Jess has escaped both escapades by going to work. I think that has been a pretty ingeneous way for him to enjoy some good, restful baby breaks in without me losing my mind:)
In other news, I managed to get to my first yoga class post-baby last Wednesday, and it felt wonderful (but a little bizzare) to do yoga all by myself in my body again. I sort of missed having James' presence in my belly... and I REALLY never thought I'd say that! But I did NOT miss his presence while shifting my weight from table pose to down dog to plank:)
Let's see... as for our little milk-monster's growth so far, I have no clue what he weighs right now, but he has completely outgrown all of his 0-3 month clothes already. He is also right on the verge of outgrowing his bassinet, and we will be attempting to move him into his crib in the nursery full-time starting next week. This probably means that I will be sleeping on the futon starting next week, so wish my neck and back good luck! Pictures this week are for compare-contrast purposes... 5 days old vs 5 weeks old.
Leanne, Jess, and James
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